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    Activities on the Territory


    The hotel is the ideal destination for sport lovers
    Caminetto Mountain Resort gives the possibility of practicing lots of different sports in any season.

    Both in the nature and near the main Services
    Park your car and don’t move it all your holiday long!


    Caminetto Mountain Resort is situated at the start of many paths which are perfect for practicing trekking, nordicwalking or MTB, and also few kms away from the rock gym and the riding school. It is the ideal place if you like the mtb or if you would like to try the adrenaline Downhill and Enduro trails.

    Next to the hotel you can find the tennis, volleyball and football courts.

    Few kilometers from the hotel you can find the Golf Court “Maso Spilzi” with his 18 holes, par72, opened from may to october.


    The hotel is situated at the start of the “Ski Center Lavarone”, next to the Skischool and to the park “Neveland”.


    Everybody loves trekking!
    Discover the mountains while walking through woods and meadows. From the hotel you can easily reach the main paths, which will make you discover the beauty of our land.
    Directly from the hotel you can reach the Lavarone Lake, Mount Cimone, Mount Belem and many other wonderfull places.
    Everybody can take a walk in the nature thanks to the moltitude of routes in different difficulties.

    Take  a walk!
    Are you a trekking and hiking lover?
    Let yourself accompany form our guides! They will make you see the most suggestive places of our high plateau.

    Sport curiosities

    At the beginning better to choose an easier and shorter route and increase the difficulty graduately.
    Trekking makes you harden legs and glutes muscles.
    Walking is healthy also for breathing and resistance to physical effort, in fact it stimulate blood circulation and trains heart and lungs.

    Escursioni e Trekking
    Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking

    if you love nature and fresh air you can try this walking technique, practiced with the aid of special sticks.
    It is an easy training, developing resistance, fitness and strongness.

    Sport Curiosities

    Nordic walking allows you to lighten the motor apparatus up to 30%, which means that is particulary suitable for people who has knees or back problems.
    It is the best training to lose weight, having fun in the nature!

    Mountain Bike

    From the Hotel on two wheels
    If you would like to spend your holiday on the mountain bike, Lavarone is the best place!
    The multitude of bike routes on the high plateau allows everyone to have fun on the saddle.
    Find your route basing on your level to discover the beauty of our nature.


    In Lavarone you can find a huge amount of bike trails for beginners and experts. Feel the emotion of riding your bike in zones with surprising landscapes and pristine nature.
    The most reckless people could practice Downhill and Freeride thanks to the near “Lavarone Bike Park”, if you have never tried this disciplines before, the bike teachers of the Park can introduce you to these activities.

    Sport Curiosities

    Well being-guaranteed! In an hour you can burn up to 500 kcal.

    Mountain Bike
    Mountain Bike
    Sci Alpino
    Sci Alpino

    Alpine Skiing

    The Hotel is right at the start of the Ski Center Lavarone
    “Ski Center Lavarone” is the ideal carousel for the family! 25 kms of slopes will bring you from Bertoldi to Vezzena.
    Thanks to the easy slopes Lavarone is the ideal destination for children and for people who is going to learn.

    The Ski School, situated next to the hotel, will be able to find the best teacher for necessities.
    Few kilometers away from Lavarone, the ski carousel of Folgaria will complete your winter experience on the Alpe Cimbra.

    Sport Curiosities

    Constant exercising before skiing is necessary to improve your flexibility and strongness.
    A correct behavior and the respect of the rules guarantee fun and safety for everybody on the slopes.

    Cross Country Skiing

    Gently slide on the snow
    For cross-country skiers, just a few kilometres from Lavarone, there is the Centro Fondo Millegrobbe, a prestigious and internationally renowned cross-country ski centre that offers 32 km of learning, relaxing and competitive tracks, framed by the suggestive woods of the plateau.

    Sport Curiosities

    Cross-country skiing is a complete sport that makes all the muscles work. Muscle effort is different in the two techniques: In the skating technique, glutes, quadriceps and calves are used in particular. in the classical technique, shoulders, arms and back muscles.
    This sport is an excellent cardiovascular workout and frequent exercise considerably improves the performance of the heart and lungs. The discipline also has anti-stress effects, thanks to the environment in which it is practiced.

    Sci Nordico
    Sci Nordico
    Ciaspole e Snow Walking

    Snow Walking And Snowshoes

    Take a walk in the beautiful nature of Lavarone
    You can rent all the equipment directly next to the hotel.
    Try the incomparable emotion of floating on the snow, breathing mountain’s pure air in the magnificent settings of the Alpe Cimbra.

    Sport Curiosities

    It is an ancient way of crossing the mountains: it developed two centuries ago when farmers and hunters used wooden circles and woven leather strips to move without sinking into the snow.
    Today, the tools are obviously different: instead of the old snowshoes there are very light equipment that makes travel much less difficult.

    The Fat Bike

    Why leave your bike in winter?
    For true cycling lovers, who can’t give up to the two wheels even in the most snowy winters, there’s a fabulous news in Lavarone!
    The fat bike will allow you to tackle the snowy trails thanks to the special rubber coating specifically designed to ride in the snow.
    Don’t pause your greatest passion! With the fat bike everything is possible!

    Sport Curiosities

    “The large size of the wheels (which is about 29” in diameter) makes the bike particularly easy to control and the large surface area on the ground ensures extreme stability even on the most uneven terrain. This ensures that even the most inexperienced of beginners can feel sure.
    Fat bikes can also be an excellent solution also for the most experienced cyclists in search of extreme adventures: in fact, the “Fats” are perfect for cycling not only in the snow but also in mud, sand or even in the shores of rivers. Get off the saddle and push? It’s not an option.

    Fat Bike
    Fat Bike
    Neveland Baby Park


    Children’s paradise
    Located right in front of the hotel, it is the ideal place to entertain your children.
    The excitement of putting on your skis for the first time, the adrenaline pumping rubber dinghy rides and the funny toboggans are just some of the activities organized in Lavarone during your holiday on the mountain!


    • 2 treadmills
    • 2 tracks toubing (inflatable boats)
    • sledge
    • mini-quad track
    • and inflatable games