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    Our Territory

    Alpe Cimbra

    Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna
    Our territory offers a sunny highplateau where nature and relax will characterize your holiday in Trentino.
    Folgaria; lavarone and Luserna share a history of centuries, starting from the first bavarian settlements.
    Discover this small corner in Trentino, rich in nature and culture!

    You can feel the memory of the recent history in the fortresses of the world war I, built by the Austro-Hungaric Empire to protect the corner from the italian soldiers.

    Lands of Discover

    Wonderful landscapes, history, culture and the possibility to practice so many different activities in the nature… this and much more makes Alpe Cimbra the ideal destination for your holiday.

    Useful Liks

    Municipalities and Communities

    Lake of Lavarone

    A Diamond In The Landscape
    Would you like to relax in the sunshine over the beautiful clear waters of our lake between the mountain? Rent a boot or a pedalo. Rest under the sun on the beach, swim, fish and have fun with your family and friends.
    The lake of Lavarone have a depth of 17 mt.

    In summer, in the lake take place the Olympic triathlon and in winter you can ice skate and learn the techniques of diving under the ice.
    You can get there by car or with a nice walk in the wood.
    Climbing on the rocks is another thing you can do next to the lake. So… Have fun!

    The legend of the lake

    Where now you can see our lake, once there was a beautiful, luxuriant wood, owned by an old father of two. After the death of the father, the two brothers began a violent fight for the possession of the wood.

    God saw all this violence and decided to punish the two men by drowning the wood in the water with a heavy rain. And this is how the Lake of Lavarone is born and why you can yet see the trees on the bottom of the lake.

    Lago di lavarone
    Lago di lavarone
    Forte Belvedere Gschwent
    Forte Belvedere Gschwent

    World War I

    Lavarone had been a focal point during World War I. The battles fought on the high plateau are testified by the 7 Austro-Hungaric fortresses built on the high plateau.
    War finds, stories, and pictures explain the event that changes the sorts of Italy.

    The Fortresses

    • Forte Belvedere Gschwent
    • Forte Lusérn
    • Forte Cherle
    • Forte Sommo alto
    • Forte Dosso delle Somme
    • Forte Busa Verle
    • Forte Cima Vézzena


    Luserna is a small village situated on the high plateau at 1333 mt and with its 300 inhabitants is a really small linguistic minority.
    In Luserna you can feel the old traditions and customs that its inhabitants are trying to maintain.

    Discover the past

    Would you like to discover the history of Luserna and its traditions and costumes?
    Visit the museums: Centro Documentazione Luserna, theCasa Haus von Prukk and the Pinacoteca Rheo Martin Pedrazza.

    footpaths: to learn our history, biology and culture is possible thanks to the thematic footpaths for children and adults.

    Luserna - Casa Museo Haus von Prukk
    Luserna - Casa Museo Haus von Prukk


    The small city of Folgaria is situated just few kilometers away from the Mountain Resort Caminetto.

    With its cute city center and its traditional craft shops it is a nice destination if you would like to chill, do shopping or just have a walk through the center.


    The Botanic Garden of Passo Coe

    A high altitude Botanic Garden dedicated to the alpine flora


    Two places where nature is untouched and protected. Small oasis that have to be visited during your holiday in the mountain.


    just 30 kms away from our hotel you can find the city of Trento. With its beautiful city center, his shops, the Buon Consiglio Castle and the Science Museum Muse, it is a point of interest in Trentino.
    If you have the chance to come in winter you can also visit the nice, regional Christmas markets.

    Trento - Museo della Scienza MUSE
    Trento - Museo della Scienza MUSE